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NMS Market Research

Starting 1999 we aim to help our clients – mostly the largest players on the market – to improve their customer service, to offer better services in general and attract new customer, all thanks to the marketing research we provide.

Aside from our headquarters in Prague we run a branch in Slovakia as well. Though for some of our clients we also conduct research in Poland, Hungary a Romania.

We are a member of organization SIMAR (Association of Agencies for Market Research and Public Opinion),  ESOMAR (World Organization for Research of Public Opinion and Marketing Research), MSPA (Mystery Shopping Professionals Association) and Global (international market research organization).


Cooperation with NMS Market Research makes sense

NMS Market Research offers full services in the field of market research. Our motto is professional approach and tailoring solutions to reflect specific needs of the client. See for yourself.


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A little bit more about us

NMS Market research is taking part in several projects. One of them is Zelená firma. Their aim is environmentally-friendly disposal of electrical appliances.

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We  also support the civic association Lata which works with young people and helps them in difficult situations.

Projects of NMS Market Research

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Viewing Facilities

Qualitative studies for hire

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Registry of interwievers, mystery shoppers and other externes

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Do not pay for purchases

Recruitment of mystery shoppers

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Czech National Panel

Reliable source of data for on-line research

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Slovak National Panel

Reliable source of data for on-line research

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Association of Agencies for Market Research and Public Opinion