Satisfaction and loyalty

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What is Satisfaction and Loyalty?

  • It’s simple. Loyalty of existing customers is highly important.
  • Therefore, the satisfaction survey is one of the cornerstones of our marketing survey.

When to use Satisfaction and Loyalty?

  • We recommend that you survey customer satisfaction and loyalty regularly.
  • Based on the survey results you can easily set your priorities of customer service, communication and product offerings on these results.
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Satisfaction and Loyalty with NMS makes sense

  • We tailor every project to your specific needs on which we base our choice of optimal method.
  • We offer detailed strategic studies of customer satisfaction and loyalty as well as quick feedback immediately after purchase or use of the service.
  • We have prepared solutions for you using a telephone, personal, SMS or online survey, which are appropriately combined with qualitative research through in-depth interviews or focus groups.
  • For long-term projects we usually prepare customized reporting and online applications too.

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