Mystery shopping

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What is Mystery Shopping?

  • Mystery Shopping by NMS is an ideal tool for seeing your employees’ work and brand representation through the eyes of the customer. Trained mystery shoppers will be playing the role of customers and enable you to reflect the authentic customer experience.
  • We make mystery shoppers comprehensively describe their subjective experiences with the store/goods/employees and find out how they felt during their visit and whether they would come back to you or not.
  • It doesn’t matter whether your customer service is in its infancy or has been successfully growing for years. The market changes constantly and so do the customers, and their perception of your brand will always be crucial.

When can you use Mystery Shopping?

  • If you want to have the customer in the center of attention and you care that your employees treat customers in the most professional and welcoming manner.
  • When you need to increase the satisfaction and loyalty of your customers.
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Why Mystery shopping with NMS makes sense?

  • We live through mystery shopping. We do it with heart and mind!
  • No pre-defined solutions, projects will be tailored to your needs.
  • We combine the results with other market research methods and design your next steps.
  • We whip up your business to perform better!
  • We perceive the brand development as a process that never ends and mystery shopping as a tool that contributes long-term to this process.
  • Detailed final report with recommendations is a given and so is the option to continuously check reports from each visit in the online application.

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