Development and Innovation

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Why to test Product Development and Innovation?

  • Only a fraction of innovations on the market succeeds and not every change is a change for the better.
  • We offer our testing system of innovations, to minimize the probability of stepping in the wrong direction.

When to use Product Development and Innovation?

  • When you need to test your ideas and innovations from the development stage to the final one.
  • When you want to focus on adjusting already existing product.
  • Part of this service is also estimating the potential of a new product,  which in turn can be taken into account in your business.
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Product Development and Innovation with NMS makes sense

  • We will work with you on your product development from the start to the finish line. First, we gather all necessary data (using market analysis, online and telephone research, F2F, in-depth interviews or focus groups). Afterwards, we will help you find the cornerstone of your innovative product.

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