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What is Brand-research?

  • Brand-research provides you with the information about how the target group actually perceives your brand and how it stands in comparison to the competition.
  • Such research helps us understand how consumers navigate themselves through flood of brands and why they prefer any particular brand without sensible reason.

When to use a Brand?

  • In the need of updating the brand’s position on the market.
  • When confirming if the consumer perceives the brand in the line with its vision
  • When considering re-branding.
  • In case of mapping out new opportunities and filling blank spaces on the market.
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Research of a Brand with NMS makes sense

  • We know that each brand and each assignment has its own specifics. Therefore, we always start by specifying questions in great detail and tailoring the choice of research method.
  • We can get closer to the customer and gather reliable data that we comprehensibly frame in the wider context of the market based on our experience.

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