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Retails and customers background
Retails and customers ikon


and customerse

Research helps retailers to understand how the customers think, to determine their behavior patterns and why are some businesses more popular than others.

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Mystery Shopping background
Mystery Shopping ikona



An ideal tool for seeing your business and its employees’ work through the eyes of the customer. Trained mystery shoppers will be playing the role of customers and enable you to reflect an authentic experience that you wouldn’t be able to obtain otherwise.

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Online applications and reporting background
Online applications and reporting ikon

Online applications and reporting

Applications designed for collecting, analysis and data reporting are vital part of modern research. Our team develops all applications internally – thus ensuring flexibility and ability to meet your needs.

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U&A studies ikon

U&A studies

Researching attitudes and customer behavior will help you to improve your existing products and services. At the same time, U&A Analysis provides practical recommendations regarding what to focus on in various stages of product and service development.

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Development and Innovation background
Development and Innovation ikon


and Innovation

Only a fraction of innovations on the market succeeds and not every change is a change for the better. That’s why we offer the testing system of innovations, to minimize the probability of stepping in the wrong direction.

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Satisfaction and loyalty background
Satisfaction and loyalty ikon


and loyalty

Loyalty of existing customers is very important. Therefore, the satisfaction survey is one of the cornerstones of our marketing research.

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Segmentation background
Segmentation ikona


Segmenting customers into well outlined groups allows you to easily adapt your products or services and improves overall business productivity..

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Leaflets and catalogs background
Leaflets and catalogs ikon


and catalogs

NMS helps you prepare attractive leaflet and catalog of your store in a way that will attract the customers and ensures their interest in your product.

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Brand background
Brand ikon


Do you need to update your brand’s market position? Are you considering re-branding? Or would you like to find out how consumers perceive your brand? Then you can utilize our efficient brand research tools.

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Advertising and Communications background
Advertising and Communications ikon


and Communications

Our years of experience with testing concepts for leading companies on the Czech and Slovak market will enable you to keep your expenditure on advertising under control while choosing the most suitable form of communication.

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Technology background
Technology ikon


We develop custom software, web and mobile applications that enable us to get reliable data. Our clients can access such data fast and in user-friendly form.

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a lot of things for tailored background
a lot of things for tailored ikon

A lot of things for tailored

A lot of things tailored.