Radim Ryška

What we value about our collaboration with NMS Market Research is the speed of responses to our specific requirements, both when preparing individual inspection waves, as well as when setting up the online reporting app. Partnership with NMS Market Research helps us achieve improved business results.

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František Vorel

Survey results provided by NMS Market Research helped us in developing our brand and optimizing our product for the upcoming season.

Martin Babiar, Area Training and Development Specialist

As a company which brings a premium approach to our customers, we are pleased that we have found the same premium with our partner, NMS. From the very first meeting, we appreciate the high level of communication and human approach that is supported by the ability to listen and feel our needs that makes it possible to bring innovative designs to mystery shopping. If we multiply all by the speed of response, the precision of our inquiry, initiative and sensitive and expert insights into the results, we know we're in good hands.

Marco Kewe

The international cooperation with NMS Research and their moderator Jakub Bielawski was very cooperative and successful. As leading project manager for Monheimer Institute I attended the Focus Groups in the NMS Prague facility and met Jakub and the rest of the team. Moderation, facilities and organization of the project was very professional and well-structured. Myself on behalf of Monheimer Institute and our client were very satisfied with the international coordination of this qualitative project by NMS in Czech Republic and will commission them again for future projects in Prague, the Czech Republic or the rest of Eastern Europe. We consider NMS Research as a reliable international market research partner.

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Aleš Brázda

Our cooperation with NMS agency started in September 2015 and relates to arranging mystery shopping for a network of 150 stores under O2 Czech republic. The key for us was to create a simple reporting environment linked to our internal systems. NMS agency dealt with our requirements very actively and now we have reporting service and functioning mystery shopping based on our needs.

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Zdeňka Kučerová, Jan Krejčí

Since 2013 NMS Market Research agency has been carrying out our periodical telephone survey that is focused on customer satisfaction. We can monitor the research progress in online application INTEGRO, which features detailed return reporting and tagged recordings of interviews. Using this application we can also upload databases that are automatically organized based on predefined terms and uploaded to CATI studio.

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Michal Bulirsch

Since 2014 we’ve been collaborating with NMS agency on organizing periodical study that maps the penetration of players in various categories of lotteries and Sazka games. We are very satisfied with NMS’s services, the agency responds swiftly to our requirements and provides results beyond our originally agreed framework. The agency tries to find the optimal solution to every project and its execution. NMS Market Research belongs among the preferred suppliers of KKCG.

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Michal Kusyn

We appreciate our cooperation, mainly the above-standard services, well-done analysis and outputs and forthcoming personnel of NMS.

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Miroslav Bouchal

Starting 2011 NMS has been arranging mystery shopping for us while gradually implementing most of our concepts into it. In Ambi, we pride ourselves on fresh ingredients, fresh ideas, dedicated personnel that is not afraid of innovative approach, putting our heart in our job and making satisfied customer our top priority. And we found in NMS someone who shares our philosophy.

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Marcela Kotyrová

NMS provides us with tailored survey annually, one that we can use during the whole year for communicating our priority topics in public insurance. Moreover, the results are an important material that is presented every year to affiliated insurance companies. On our cooperation we appreciate the high level of expertise, swift orientation in the problem and, last but not least, pleasant communication. The outputs are always well-done, organized and comprehensible.

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Iva Musilová

We’ve been cooperating with NMS since 2013. Together we carry out both qualitative and quantitative research particularly in the area of brand awareness and testing of product parameters. We are very satisfied with the services, as is demonstrated by the length of our cooperation. NMS offers professional, friendly approach and high-class services.

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Jitka Schrothová

NMS has become one of our staples due to their perfect execution of an entire project – from the proposal, through the execution to the presentation. We know that we can rely on their "must" methods, schedule, terrain, analysis, while also having the “added value” in the form of understanding our requirements when we are offered both traditional and entirely new approaches to solutions by NMS. We especially appreciate processing of outputs when we convey our conclusions and recommendations for internal clients in a comprehensible and imaginative way. Each project reflects great client service, for which we expressly thank our account manager.


Marek Přikryl

Our first experience with NMS comes from 2015 when we started arranging mystery shopping regularly in all of our stores (both CZ and SK). We use organized outputs that are available in the online application as a base for further development of our employees. On our cooperation with NMS we mainly appreciate the flexibility of the agency and the willingness to adapt to our current needs.

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Petra Rubánková

NMS agency prepared for us extensive research that was focused on identifying the extent and reasons for retail customers’ migration between banks. The analysis, which was based on the segmentation of more than 4,000 migrant customers, has helped us to come up with new and successful acquisition strategy. We recreated a similar project with NMS for segment of entrepreneurs as well.