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Brand research NMS Market Research projects show the strong and weak points of brand awareness and can allow you to strengthen the business potential of your brand. NMS Market Research conducts complex brand research for both companies as a whole as well as individual products.   Contact us!
Churn management Do you want to discover the motivation and behavioural patterns of the customers leaving you? We can help you form recommendations leading to improvements in the situation and propose ways to strengthen your customer loyalty.  Contact us!
Customer experience

We will help increase the loyalty of your customers and prevent them from leaving for the competition. We will recommend ideas for you to create a unique customer experience that will allow you to keep you customers.

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  Effectivity of loyalty programmes We can recommend ways to change your loyalty programme, to make it truly effective. We can discover if you customer programme is a real benefit for your clients and how it affects their behaviour. Contact us!
Net promoter score

We can discover and process the immediate customer feedback you need. Our results will help you improve your relationship with dissatisfied customers and improve customer loyalty.

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Pre-tests and concept testing We will help you create a concept of your product or service so as to best model the expectations of your customers.  Contact us!
Sales forecast

With NMS Sales Forecast you can guess the future behaviour of your customers. In practice this will help you save on product storage, reduce the volume of unsold goods, better guess the volume of sales and effectively manage orders and logistics.

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Customer segmentation

Through segmentation we can distinguish smaller groups of your customers and therefore allow you to communicate with different types of customers in ways that are most appropriate for a given group.

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Satisfaction and customer loyalty

We can find out if your customers are satisfied, point out weak points reducing customer satisfaction. This will give you the ability to distinguish customer behaviour, which would otherwise signal their departure, before it’s too late.

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Testing advertising campaigns We can help you optimize the costs of advertising campaigns and target them precisely. We will verify the effectivity of advertising and choose the right concept.  Contact us!

We will discover the stances and opinions of your customers directly at each branch. Using the latest technologies, we can provide immediate customer feedback to services provided.

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Leaflet and catalogue tracking

You need to evaluate your leaflets in comparison with the competition. Are you interested in an evaluation of the attractivity of your offers, comprehensibility of assortment, prices and other specifics?

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