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About Us

NMS Market Research agency has been active on the Czech market since 1999 (former company name was Network Media Service s.r.o.). Currently NMS Market Research offers its clients comprehensive services in the areas of market and internet research including a number of its own brands of solutions. NMS Market Research takes part in significant research projects and apart from one-time research efforts we concentrate primarily on long-term cooperation. Alongside the Prague central office, NMS Market Research has a branch in Slovakia, which manages research conducted all over the Slovak Republic.

NMS Market Research is a member of the select group of agencies active in market research SIMAR and through its representatives is also a member of the international organisation ESOMAR. A priority in all research is adherance to strict quality standards and multi-layered controls in all stages of research.

Our principles

Long-term cooperation – thanks to long-term cooperation and a partner-oriented approach we will understand your needs perfectly.

New technologies – NMS Market Research considers applying the newest technologies to research a matter of course.

Fair play – NMS Market Research holds to strict standards of research quality defined by the professional associations SIMAR and ESOMAR.

Research innovation – NMS Market Research continually brings new approaches and methods which allow us to find the answers to all your questions.

Tailor-made research – each company has specific needs and requirements and we can fulfil them all.

Key persons

Ondřej Veis

“We won’t let you down. We play fair and keep our promises.”

 Ondřej Veis started the NMS Market Research agency in 1999 and as its manager built up NMS Market Research into one of the ten biggest agencies active in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. His specialisation is in the areas of retail, information technology, telecommunications and finance, with the added fact that as a previous internet service provider he offers a unique view on the current state of the web in the Czech Republic. He brings clients an enthusiastic approach, fresh methods and interest in creating unique solutions. At work his priorities are fair play and teamwork. And in communication with clients always something extra: a personal, very human approach. We try to be partners to our clients, not just mere suppliers.

tel.: +420 222 351 612

Jan Bernard:

“We will offer you IT solutions unlike any other on the Czech market”

 Jan Bernard leads the department concerned with IT support for NMS Market Research research. Together with his team he creates unique application solutions for online presentation of research results and software support of data collection or analysis. All IT solutions are tailor-made to the requirements of individual research projects using the newest technologies. Jan Bernard places the main emphasis when creating applications on reliability and safety. Thanks to years of experience, a strong IT team and the exclusive use of our proprietary NMS Market Research solutions he is able to produce a flexible answer to whatever requests a client brings, according to the motto “nothing is impossible”.

tel.: +420 222 351 622